We Want Transparency Before the Vote!!


NO MORE passing bills without reading them!

NO MORE adding hundreds of pages to a bill in the middle of the night and passing it the next morning!

NO MORE special interests influencing our laws at the last possible minute!

NO MORE bundling bills the way Wall Street bundles securities!

SIGN the petition and tell Congress NO MORE! We should have the right and sufficient time to thoroughly analyze and understand the final version of any bill before the final vote.:

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In the next few weeks we’ll begin some fun small marches in the LA area on busy roads. We’ll have a wagon overloaded with some of the many bills congress has blindly passed. Next to it will be another wagon which is completely empty showing how many bills Congress passed where they permitted us to read the final versions of the bills before the vote. Still working this out, but it should be a great visual that will help us reach 40,000 people in just a few hours for every march. We’ll be doing lots of these all over LA and hopefully it will expand to all over the country. If you would like to take part in these short marches, let us know!

 Ultimately, it will culminate in a massive 250 mile march from New York city to DC some time in April of 2013.

“POLITICS AS USUAL” is not working.

When the political process permits hundreds of pages of legislation to be shoved down Congress’ throat before everyone has had a chance to thoroughly review and digest it, something is seriously wrong.

Too often, bundled bills are packed full of pork, special interest clauses, loopholes and dis-related bric-a-brac. We don’t want Members forced to vote in favor of questionable clauses in a bundled bill, and no citizen wants them to miss important clauses buried in it or inserted at the last minute.

A process that doesn’t allow lawmakers to proudly display the final version of a bill, (or allocation of funds) for public viewing long before the vote, is a process destined to cause our country’s downfall. It’s a process which inevitably fills the Halls of Congress with the self-serving and makes it extremely difficult for Congress to get the simplest of decent bills passed. Rushing bills and bundling them makes it impossible for Congress to competently address our country’s problems or protect us from poorly thought out laws.

Bluntly, the current political process sucks and nobody likes it except for the shiftless and self-serving.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Everyone should have the right and sufficient time to thoroughly analyze and understand the final version of any bill before the final vote. That’s how truly worthwhile legislation gets passed.

Pass a law that requires one subject per bill, and that requires the absolute final version of a bill (or allocation of funds) to be posted publicly on the Internet thirty days before the final vote.

So that Congress isn’t brought to a standstill, a possible solution would be the ability to do as many non-binding test votes between the Houses and committees as needed to perfect a bill. There is no doubt that, if they were determined and truly wanted government of, for and by the people, Congress is smart enough and would figure out an effective way to accomplish this needed political reform.