One man's quest. Every politician's nightmare.

The Film

William Shakespeare once said that life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Jerrol LeBaron might be that idiot.

Frustrated by useless rhetoric and backroom deal-making in politics, average citizen Jerrol LeBaron sets out on a journey to make our politicians do the jobs they were hired to do. In this modern-day David vs. Goliath, Jerrol's inexperience may be his best weapon.

Can one man really make a difference with all this political incompetence and legislative corruption? Probably not. But that's not going to stop Jerrol from giving it a shot.

The Team

Jerrol Lebaron

Executive Producer

At first glance, Jerrol Lebaron may not seem like your average political activist. Jerrol grew up in Los Angeles, working in a variety of professions such as construction and jewelry sales. He eventually became restless and wanted to do something completely different. In the year 2000, Jerrol founded InkTip, a business which uses the Internet to help connect screenwriters with producers. InkTip has become the most effective company of its type in Hollywood, averaging twenty plus movies being made each year through its assistance.

Over the years, Jerrol began turning his eye to politicians and the effect their actions have on their constituents. So, Jerrol set out to investigate the reasons behind the passing of so many impractical laws which have greatly contributed to the decline of our government on both state and federal levels.

Jerrol found that the one common denominator shared by politicians who are not acting in the best interests of their constituents is a lack of honor, honesty and integrity for the people they represent. Further study showed a lack of an acceptable ethical standard of behavior by which laws are passed. As a result, the Honor In Office organization was born, and it became Jerrol's mission to get our politicians to do the jobs they were hired for.

Jed Rigney


The comedy stylings of Jed Rigney cover a variety of topics and appear in many platforms such as animation, web series, short films, screenplays – even a weekly sports column. And now he has added a humorous political documentary film. He grew up in Los Angeles and was heavily influenced by the films of Mel Brooks, Cameron Crowe and John Hughes and it is reflected in his work.

A few years ago, Jerrol LeBaron approached him to write and direct a documentary about legislative ethics. Fools on the Hill is Jed's first feature documentary. In this film, Jed's comedic style of writing and directing gives us a lighthearted look at one man's quest in trying a make a difference despite almost insurmountable odds.

Jed's second film, a romantic comedy called Nowhere Girl, was released by Gravitas Ventures in 2015 and won Best Comedy at the Garden State Film Festival and Best Feature at the Los Angeles United Film Festival.

Eliza Bayne


Eliza Bayne has been involved in a variety of projects over the last several years ranging from radio to Internet to television and film and in such diverse fields as fashion and nightlife, music and film, culture and travel, to technology and the web. She has worn the hats of producer, writer and host – and in most cases all three at the same time.

Eliza was brought on board to produce the documentary because of her creative contributions and experience in researching subject matters and coordinating production in complex circumstances. She also directed the trailer which won an award at the International Movie Trailer Festival.

Eliza is now primarily a comedy writer and has written for top comedians such as Loni Love and Chris Hardwick as well as for Fashion Police on E! Comedy Central's @midnight, G4TV and the Awesomeness TV series You Should Know.


Lake Arrowhead Film Festival • Silver Award • Best Documentary
Las Vegas International Film Festival • Jury Prize • Best Screenplay
International Movie Trailer Festival • Festival Prize • Documentary
Central Florida Film Festival • Nominated Best Documentary

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